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darcis's Journal

D'arcis - A NonAU Jrock RPG
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D'arcis - NonAU Jrock Roleplay


Welcome to D'arcis.
This is a NonAU Jrock roleplay community where everything that takes place is based off in reality times.
Meaning that this community is tilted towards the more realistic realm of jrock roleplay.
We do not allow dead jrockers or originals, but we will allow jpoppers and korean jrock/pop.


Aeris // aim: Es Totchers


+Journal Check Schedule+



1. Absolutely NO OOC drama!
2. Literacy and maturity is a must.
3. No dead jrockers or originals.
4. You're only allowed up to 3 muses. Muns must wait at least a week before another muse may be added.
5. Please update your muse's journal at least once every TWO weeks.
Failure to do so will result with a warning. The next time you don't update, you will be cut for inactivity.

7. All logs must be put under a Lj-cut. [Logs are Optional but helpful]
8. You may make OOC posts to the community [example: Vacation, computer problems, etc.]
Questions are also allowed to be posted into the community.
9. Roleplay posts to continue or start roleplays are allowed, please post them into the community.

10. Please make a NEW Lj account for your muse. I cannot stress how frustrating it to get confused over posts and
replies. [Say you post something for another roleplay comm. and members in this comm see strangers replying who
either might roleplay their character or be someone totally random. Hopefully you get what I mean.]


Contacts: [and/or other contacts]
Sample post: [under LJ-cut]


Muse - LJ - Aim/Yahoo/Msn - Mun~


+Alice Nine+
Tora -
pwnyou - toshiforever - Lotus
Hiroto -
hiroppon_guitar - beneitaly - Bene
Nao - naopon - Ponpao - Beah


+Dir en Grey+
Toshiya -
macabre_kr - Es Totchers - Aeris +MOD+
Die - akai_flame - Beneitaly - Bene


+Dizzy Drive+
Masa -
masa_kun16 - Deityoftime9 - Kami


Chachamaru -
caparison_horus - Deityoftime9 - Kami
Gackt -
fake_blue_eyes - fakeXblueXeyes - Fidget


Hisashi -
dark_koyo_te - Kuroitazuki - Rei
Jiro -
ima_soko_ni - Kuroitazuki - Rei


Hyde -
revelation-101 - sanaio - Sho


Yomi -
sho_ne_nan_ko - Kuroitazuki - Rei


Urara - urarapoitrine - urarapoitrine - Kanton



Miyavi -
miyavi_no_taiyo - beneitaly - bene


Kim Hee Chul - Super Junior -
cinderellafella - kimchibeast - Lemorte

Shim Chang Min "Max" - Dong Bang Shin Ki [DBSK] - choikang_min - kimchibeast - Lemorte